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September is speedily coming to an end and welcome to another edition of Privacy Notes.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been writing on the topic “What you must do as a DPO to manage NDPR Compliance”. As a DPO of your organisation, you should be familiar with the objectives of the NDPR, the scope of the regulation, the governing principles of data processing, the lawful basis your organisation should rely on when processing Personal Data, the requirement for procuring consent, the relevant clauses that should be contained in the Privacy Policy published on your website, the applicable rights of a Data Subject, and the requirements your organisation must meet before transferring Personal Data abroad.

In our previous article, my colleague Urenna recommended the NDP Academy® Training so that you can gain the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively manage and address areas of data privacy and protection. Getting trained and certified is one of the smartest things you can do before this year runs out.

It is also essential for a DPO to create frameworks for the various processes and standards that will guide your organisation.


One of the most challenging aspects of a DPO is creating these frameworks. And it is with great pleasure that I present to you our NDPR Toolkit®.  Our Toolkit contains about 40 pre-written, customisable templates developed by lawyers and privacy experts required under the NDPR, as well as practical guidance on how to apply the Toolkit to your business.


  • Our toolkit has a comprehensive governance framework that provides assurance to senior management and the board.
  • It contains policies and procedures to assist your role as a DPO.
  • It has a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) guideline to evaluate your business activities and IT applications
  • It helps you manage technical aspects of the NDPR.
  • It helps you to readily identify and comply with the relevant evidential and disclosure requirements.
  • It contains Privacy notices and other communication forms that are ready to use.

You can purchase out Toolkit or download the free documents on our NDPR Toolkit®  HERE

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