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Happy Data Privacy Day and welcome to another edition of Privacy Notes.

As you may be aware, every January 28 marks Data Privacy Day created to raise awareness about the importance of data privacy for Data Controllers (organisations) and Data Subjects (individuals). This year’s program was quite eventful as NITDA, DPCOs and Data Controllers facilitated campaigns to promote privacy and protection of Personal Data. Taxtech and NDP Academy is proud to have sponsored the first price award for the National Privacy Competition involving secondary schools around Nigeria.

There’s no doubt privacy and Personal Data are super important to you and your customers, and it is important for your organisation to appoint and train your Data Protection Officer (DPO). The role of a DPO is relatively new to most organisations in Nigeria. The common question on the minds of management might be: ‘’Why do we need a Data Protection Officer?’’  This is a valid question, the determining factor of having a dedicated DPO should meet any of the following conditions:

  • Data Controller is a government organ; Ministry, Department, Institution or Agency;
  • core activities of the Data Controller relate to usual processing of large sets of Personal Data;
  • Data Controller processes Sensitive Personal Data in the regular course of its business; and
  • Data Controller processes critical national databases consisting of Personal Data.

Whilst a DPO might not necessarily be a full-time role in some organisation, you have the option of outsourcing the role to a Third-party consultant.

DPOs are the custodian of data implementation and privacy within a given organization. Their primary responsibility is to ensure that the processing of any data belonging Data Subjects are to be processed in compliance to the Nigeria Data Protection Regulation (NDPR). Also, it is the duty of a DPO to create and maintain a data privacy culture in the organisation.

Having stated the need for and importance of a DPO, it is important the responsibility is placed on the shoulders of a well trained and certified personnel. It is only when the DPO is trained and certified that he would be armed with both the necessary knowledge and skill to ensure that the organization is not in breach of the NDPR requirements.


The NDP Academy helps you to understand the objectives and obligational requirements of the NDPR. Our programme simplifies this process and ensures participants obtain all the needed information quickly and accurately. Furthermore, our certificate also helps you to enhance your resume by giving you a cutting edge when applying for the role of a DPO.

Our trainings are tailored to suit IT Personnel, Internal Auditors, Legal Personnel, Risk and Compliance Managers, Operations Personnel, HR and Consultants and others who want to understand and build a career path in data protection. Our programme is the ideal way to get you up to speed with data privacy.

Our facilitators are certified professionals in NDPR, EU GDPR, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy Laws, and Information Security.

Registration is ongoing and we have limited slots for our Q1 class.

For more information about the NDP Academy, kindly visit or send us an email via

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