Privacy Notes – Common Everyday Privacy Mistakes

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Today we will be speaking on common privacy mistakes typically made by people in their everyday handling of Personal Data.

The first and most common mistake typically committed is not going through the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions/Terms of Use of websites before providing Personal Data on such platforms. I once heard a joke – “…I will ignore you like you are Terms and Conditions” lol! A Company’s Privacy Policy/Terms and Conditions contains a lot of information regarding the use of Personal Data such as information on the use of Personal Data, transfer of Personal Data to third party service providers, rights of Data Subjects etc. It is therefore necessary for Data Subjects to read the contents of the website’s privacy policy to have a firm understanding of what actions will be done on their Personal Data.

Another common privacy mistake is not having security measures in place for the safety and confidentiality of Personal Data. Data Controllers and everyone in general are advised to have security measures such as anti-virus software, anti-malware software and firewalls in place to prevent against data breach incidents such as hacking and virus outbreaks. It is necessary to add that in the event of a breach, one of the factors the regulatory authority will consider in its investigation is the security systems the Data Controller has in place. This will determine the extent of the sanctions the Data Controller will be liable to pay.

Another common mistake most Data Controllers are guilty of is not establishing the legal basis for which they collect and process Personal Data. The Nigeria Data Protection Regulation provides for several legal basis for which Personal Data may be processed to include – Consent, Contract, Legal Obligation, Legitimate Interest, Vital Interest and Public Interest. For more information on legal basis for processing Personal Data as well as other common privacy mistakes we make every day, please tune in to this week’s edition of our podcast.  

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